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Spring has come and nature is awakening

Watching over calving reindeer

The first steps of a small calf

Newborn calf

Calves being captured for earmarking

Mother and child connecting

Calves grow quickly on their mother's milk

The list of marked calves

An ATV is a useful vehicle for reindeer herding

Reindeer herders holding a discussion

Drinking break

I wonder where my reindeer is running?

Like father, like son

A male reindeer being lassoed

Life can be hectic in the separation enclosure

Separating the reindeer

Enska and Anssi dragging a reindeer

A handsome male in action

A test of strength between a herder and a reindeer

Who will win?

The reindeer cabin of Tuollopalo

Enska driving an ATV

Some reindeers are released into the wild after separation

Feeding the reindeer in early winter

Loading a van with dried hay

Setting up a kota-hut

Young herder feeding his stock

Enska hard at work

Chopping firewood in freezing weather

A coffee break at the reindeer cabin

Reindeer bulls eating

During winter some reindeer are fed in an enclosure

Feeding in the winter

Miia and Suikki

Lichen gathered in the fall is good food in the freezing winter weather

Nighttime in the fell