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A lively, 9-year-old future reindeer herder, who is full of enthusiasm and energy. Sometimes he is a bit disobedient, and he admits it. Enska likes to help and guide visitors. Valkko is his favourite reindeer, because Enska can take him for a walk and feed him. He thinks that earmarking the calves is the most challenging job of a reindeer herder. Enska likes to talk to all the visitors of Kopara.

A feisty Finnish Reindeer Herder, Pilvipolun Leammi-Cikka, better known as Kikka, greets all visitors with a wagging tail. This dashing puppy has grown up to become a reindeer herder's best friend. Kikka is an excellent helper because of its great herding instinct. Kikka steers the herd in the right direction on command and guides the reindeers into the enclosure. Enska and Kikka are an inseparable duo. They work together with reindeers and during winter they both enjoy tobogganing.


A reindeer herder, who inherited the skills of the profession in his mother's milk. He has continued the family tradition, and has already made sure that this tradition will continue …Anssi is the host of Kopara with his uncle Ari, and works as a safari guide telling tales of reindeers. He spends a big part of the year tending to his herd, so it is easier to find Anssi in the wild than in Kopara, if you can keep up with him …


She creates the lovely bakery aromas of Kopara, where she has been working since 2003. She didn't have much experience with reindeers to begin with, but they befriended Miia immediately. Nowadays Miia works as a guide on safaris, and makes sure that all visitors have plenty of salty and sweet delicacies to eat…Miia also has her own reindeer school. Her first student, Santeri, has already grown up to be a skilled sledge-puller, and there are other reindeer coming to her school, as long as they pass the strict entrance exam.

The more experienced host of Kopara. He was taught his trade in Vuotso by Jouko Iikka, Jussi Jouni and Jouko Alakorva. There he also got interested in handicraft, and he has made traditional footwear, cloaks and coffee pouches of reindeer hide. Ari is in charge of training the sleigh-pulling reindeer of Kopara, and naturally he is also one of the safari guides. Lately he has been very busy with work, but when the situation calms down a bit, in the future he will surely make some more fur shoes for us to admire.

youngest reindeerman at Kopara